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Where it all Began: Manx Cat Guardians Origins (Book 1)
Why did he crave something that would condemn him to a life of purgatory? A man who was born to be king. How could a lowly servant be the one thing he wanted more than his crown?
King Óláfr the Black was a Norseman and was no stranger to suffering: pain was nothing he’d not experienced time and time again at the hands of those who pertained to love him. It hardened his heart to what could be.
Until fate stepped in, in the form of a Guardian Cat, Maximillian.

Seeing Beyond the Scars: Manx Cat Guardians (Book 2)
Why did his new neighbour make him want to change and leave his protective shell? A man not frightened to show the world who he was. Would Martin stay or run when faced with Brad’s past and his scars?
Brad Cummings lived a quiet controlled life: the world he created was not through choice but from necessity. A traumatic past left him unable to see past his scars.
Until fate steps in with Martin.

Destiny Collides Past and Present: Manx Cat Guardians (Book 3)
Why did his new housemate make him want to break the promise he made to himself? A man who has learnt to face his own demons. Could Stuart help Joe face his and survive to meet their destiny?
Joe King travels to the Isle of Man to stay with his best friend: in need of a place to mentally and physically recharge. A wrong choice blinds Joe to the possibilities of destiny.
Until fate steps in with Stuart.

Searching for a Soul to Love: Manx Cat Guardians (Book 4)
Why did one touch from a man he didn’t know leave him reeling with a sense of knowing? A man—or was he a warrior?—who carries a heavy responsibility.
Could Aaden share the burden with Greg so they could finally right a wrong?
Greg Kelly was stuck in a rut: in a relationship with a man who treated him like a booty call. A realisation with profound consequences left him floundering.
Until fate steps in with Aaden

The 12 Disaster of Christmas: Manx Cat Guardians (Book 5)
How did Brad find himself planning a Christmas Eve party? A party, he didn’t want in his home. Can his budding relationship with Martin survive?
Brad has never had a memorable Christmas: the family he was born to made sure of that. With his first Christmas with Martin looming, Brad’s plans are blown out of the water.
Until Joe, Greg and Nick step in.

Laws of Attraction: Manx Cat Guardians (Book 6)
Why did he have to want the one man he couldn’t have? A man that was honourable to the core. Was it possible to turn years of a love-hate relationship into just love?
Nick Riley learnt from a young age there was more than the eye could see and the heart could grieve: the reality of this is suddenly thrust upon him. A visit to his brother leaves him struggling to face what he thought was in the past.
Until fate steps in with Brody.

The Teacher’s Boy: Manc Cat Guardians (Book 7)
Daddy knows best, but can Ellie trust his own judgement about the man who wants to teach him?
Ellie Morris hopes a new job on the Isle of Man will be enough to leave his troubles behind and start afresh. Yet his past continues to haunt him, and he’s fearful.
But fate is a fickle mistress; or Master in this case.
Everybody knows a teacher should never slap his pupil, right? But a good spanking, administered with love? There’s nothing wrong with that.
And Connor, a teacher in every sense of the word, is just the man to show him. Under his tender and experienced tutelage, Ellie finds the freedom to let go and be himself. Oh yes, a firm hand makes all the difference.

All these books are MM gay romance, with soulmate connections, steamy scenes, and ancient paranormal cats that like to interfere. All the book have HEA with the exception of Where it all Began, this is left on a cliff hanger.
Trigger Warning: Book 1/2/3/4 all have some scenes of violence. Book 2 has mention of child abuse. There is content sexually graphic content, with the use of explict language.

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