Let me introduce myself, my name is Jayne, I’m a lady of a certain age (50, bites fingernails). I am an identical twin, the younger one of course by 7 minutes. I am married to a wonderfully complicated man, and we’ve celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (yeah that’s a lot of year I could have been out for good behaviour now J). I have one daughter and two grandbabies one boy and one girl.

I was born in the Isle of Man; this makes me Manx (not British or English). I moved to the UK for several years, and as a child I lived in Italy for a while. But, the island calls to me so I returned home in 1998. I love the sea and now it’s only a stone’s throw from my home.

I (unfortunately) still work in the caring profession and have done for 34 years and have been a hospital nurse manager, out of hours, for the past three years. I made the decision to work part time nights in 2016 so that I could pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

I have always believed that I could and would write a book, but life just seemed to get in the way. Until someone asked me the question, “What do I want?” The answer was easy, the hard part was making it happen. Well, it did and it has and it was life-changing experience for me.

I released my first book in Feb 2018 and have subsequently released a few more since. I’ve found true happiness in doing something that just brightens my day. Now I won’t say it’s been a breeze because those who write know it’s not a total blast all the time, but it has been fun and exciting.

My island is steeped in folklore and I have used some of this in my writing, particularly the Manx Cat Guardian Series I’ve written, its paranormal with a twist, (book seven was released last month and the box set is now out too). I’ve also branched out into a little Daddy Kink, with some other tropes thrown in, with the La Trattoria Di Amore Series. I appear to mainly write in series because I have a few others coming in 2019/20: The Playroom, The App, Potters Creek and the Flamingo Bar series. Yep as I as series seem to be the way my mind works and if I can find the time I’ll finish the first M/F book in the Broken Veils series, which is the story line left on a cliff hanger in the Manx Cat Guardian series.

Writing has unleashed a beast in my mind and now I can’t switch it off. So with that, I now have several ideas vying for my attention, and currently it’s who shouts the loudest.